Monday, December 12, 2011

Junk Food Hangover

It's an unfortunate truth that sometimes the best lessons we learn are a result of experiencing the natural consequences of our actions. Sad, but true. It's a lesson that my 12yo is learning today. You see, last night we went to our church's Christmas party for special needs families. There were cookie decorating stations, a craft station, and plenty of goodies. Of course, he did not overindulge in the grapes, or the mandarins, or the cucumber or bell pepper slices...oh no. He had plenty of cookies and a large slice of cheesecake. He ate like he was never going to see this stuff again. Yeah.

This morning he experienced what I would only describe as a junk food hangover. I told him to remember this feeling because if he ever drank too much alcohol, he would feel even worse than he did at that moment. I felt sorry for him, I really did. I remember plenty of parties where I overindulged and felt the effects the next morning. But you know what? I still had to go to work. Today on this fine Monday, he still had to go to school. I sent an email to the teacher letting her know the situation. I hope he makes it through the day; but even if he comes home early I'm still proud of him for making the effort to fulfill his obligation in spite of feeling lousy.

As I was cleaning the bathroom this morning I said to myself, "It's better to smell bleach than barf." If you say that enough times, you actually start to believe it. Happy Monday!!!!

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  1. Unfortunately, he's a guy and that means he will have to learn the hard way over and over and over. But, then again, that may be me projecting my experience onto him. Either way, he made the effort to get to school on time.



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