Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Of Blow Torches and Bonfires

Without naming names or pointing fingers, let's just say that sometimes teens and preteens get the idea in their head that rules don't apply to them. Or that, yes the rules do apply, but there are always exceptions...exceptions that happen daily. In my opinion, if an exception happens daily then it's an excuse. You might remember a couple of posts ago when I said that it's an unfortunate truth that sometimes the best lessons learned are those which are a natural consequence to our actions. It's a truth that someone in our household is still learning.

You see, sometimes some teens and preteens need the proverbial blow torch under their ass in order to motivate them to fulfill their responsibilities. Someone, who shall remain nameless, needs a bonfire not a blow torch. A bonfire in the form of mom (a.k.a. me who is no longer Minivan Mom) going to school and sitting in the back of the classroom to observe said preteen in order to scare and/or embarrass the living crap out of him. Either one works for me.

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