Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aren't Wii Having Fun?

We've had a Wii for two years, and I have to say that it's alot of fun.  Initially, I was reluctant to get a gaming system.  I had images of kids being transformed into couch potato nerds who never left the house and never saw sunlight.  (I would say that that's only partially true.)  However, when it's 100+ degrees outside it's not like the kids are going to be running around, riding their bikes or their scooters.  Many of our summer days are 100 degree days.  So, we got a Wii.

That decision proved to be a good one for several reasons.  First, my Asperger's kid was instantly attracted to video games.  Go figure.  He's also very good at these games.  Again, go figure.  However, there has been another benefit to having a Wii that we could not have predicted: it has given him a social outlet - another way to make a connection with other kids.  This has always been very difficult for him.  Since being introduced to the wonderful world of Nintendo, he now knows who Mario and Luigi are.  He can talk strategy and exchange hints and cheats with other kids.  And best of all, many of the games are made for 2-4 players, so he doesn't have to play alone.

I'm sure that there are still some harsh critics of gaming systems.  I used to be one of them. Many of the criticisms I've heard revolve around the type of games played and the amount of time kids play them.  After having a Wii for a couple of years now, I have come to view these issues as parenting issues.  Parents purchase the games and parents set time limits.  It's that simple.  We have one game that is rated "T" for Teen and that's Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  The rest of our games are rated "E" for Everyone. Our son accepts the fact that certain games are not allowed in our home.  Period.

Finally, who would have thought that my husband and I would come to enjoy having a Wii.  Since we don't have cable, Dish, or DirecTV (we use Hulu and Netflix), the Wii has become a great source of entertainment on those hot summer days.  As a bonus, if you are a Netflix customer with a wireless internet connection and you have a Wii, Netflix has a free DVD available that allows you to use your Wii to download movies from the Netflix Instant Queue.  Pretty sweet.


  1. Thanks for sharing Claudia. Francesca and I have been struggling with this subject for a while now. If we set time limits and avoid violent brainless games I think we will be okay to get a Wii. Any suggestions as to what a 4 year old girl would enjoy playing? Or a 39.5 year old? Bryan

  2. Get one! You'll have alot of fun. You can't go wrong with any of the Mario games IMO. Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Bros - Wii. A 4 yo girl might be a tough customer, but I've heard good things about Animal Crossing: Check out this site for reviews of Wii games: Let me know when you get one: if you hook the Wii up to the internet, you and Paul can race each other playing Mario Kart!

  3. It wants me to take a break????? Oh no.... I'm hooked. Why did I wait so long. Good lord my golfing/sword-swinging/table tennis arm is sore. Thanks for convincing me Claudia. ;)

  4. Why indeed, did you wait so long? You can now be a golfing/bowling superstar in the comfort of your own home!



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