Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Home Improvement Projects Suck Tainted Egg Rolls

Once again, we find ourselves in the middle of a home improvement project. This time we are ripping out the carpeting in the boys' rooms and replacing it with wood laminate flooring. The carpet in my youngest son's room has endured several accidents and was in dire need of replacing. The carpet in my oldest son's room was the original white carpet from when we first bought the house. Needless to say, it was no longer white and it needed to go. And no, we did not choose the white carpet just in case you were wondering.

This particular project has been in the works for a while. We knew we didn't want to replace carpet with carpet and wood laminate was our first choice. It was just a matter of  the right time and the right price. Well the right price occurred, which automatically dictated that it was the right time even though it really wasn't. Costco has wood laminate flooring on sale for $8.00 off per box. That's a good chunk of savings.

Quite frankly, it's never a good time for a home improvement project. The chaos and general upheaval that goes with it always grates on my nerves. I'm not complaining mind you; I feel fortunate that we're able to do this. It's simply that for at least one of us, our time is divided between supervising our youngest son and doing the project at hand. And no, we can't always hire someone to watch him. Consequently, projects take a little longer than usual. I know in the end that it will all be worth it - that's why I'm not complaining...too much.

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