Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Clubhouse - A Dream Come True

It's funny that in some ways it really doesn't take much to make kids happy. Right before Christmas our oven died and my husband hunted down a new one. When he brought it home and set it up, he gave the appliance box to our oldest son who couldn't have been happier.

For years he has wanted his own clubhouse. First, he wanted a tree house. Gradually, he came to realize that our trees were not mature enough to accommodate a house. Next, he wanted a wooden fort and a log cabin. Unfortunately, our yard isn't big enough for either. Then he decided that he would settle for a kid size tent, maybe. Finally, he downsized his expectations by rearranging the garbage can and the yard waste can and draping a towel over them. I kid you not.

Naturally, he jumped at the chance to have his very own big box...it was a major step up from the garbage/yard waste cans. He has lined it with a beach towel and an old baby blanket, and he's decorated it with various treasures...like rocks and stale food particles. It gives him a place to do his homework or just chill out and play his DS. And to think, I only paid $900 for this box; I mean clubhouse.


  1. Heh Heh... $900...you make me laugh. :)


  2. I'm glad someone can laugh at spending $900 for a box; true, it did come with an oven. :-)



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