Friday, February 11, 2011

Guessing Game

Last week was a reminder of just how frustrating it can be to have a child who doesn't talk. My youngest son had the flu last week and it was a constant struggle for me trying to determine how I could help him. If he would tug at his ear I would think, "Does his ear hurt? Does he have an ear infection?" When he would start to cry I would think, "Does he have a fever?" or "Is his tummy upset?"

Trying to take his temperature was like going through an aerobic exercise or a gymnastics regime. Also, he won't swallow pills or tablets, nor will he drink liquid medicine, so trying to give him ibuprofen for a fever was a challenge. Under ordinary circumstances, like when he has a cold, we give him Triaminic Thin Strips mixed with chocolate pudding.  This time around he wasn't really eating, so we had to try and feed him spoonfuls of pudding mixed with ibuprofen throughout the day. Fortunately, he slept a good part of the time. All in all, a very challenging week. Still, nothing lasts forever including the flu. Thank goodness.

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