Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Shoes Blues

I'm trying not to whine. Really, I am. I loooove my new pair of walking shoes. They are the New Balance 811 walking shoes for women. And as a bonus, they are proudly made in the USA. I specifically looked for shoes made in the USA, because for some reason I'm on a quest to see how much of what I need to buy is made in the USA. Anyway, back to my shoes.

My old shoes were beyond pathetic and should have been tossed months ago except for one small detail: I hate breaking in a new pair of shoes. I'd almost rather walk in shoes where the soles are falling off and my toes are peeking through than break in a new pair. Yes, I know, ideally I should buy a new pair of shoes while my old shoes are still wearable in order to switch between the two while I'm breaking in the new pair. But, I'm wired to use up something until it's beyond redemption and then I buy a new one to replace it. I also don't like breaking in a new pair of shoes. Did I mention that?

I went for my walk this morning and came home to find a big, red blister on my little toe. I don't think a Band Aid is going to cut it. Moleskin, anyone? Oh well, it won't last forever. I can't let this be an excuse to stop exercising. Maybe I should take up yoga again. You don't need walking shoes for yoga, do you? :-)


  1. OK I know you are frugal and I have been reading up on them. They are expensive. Where did you buy yours. I think (well know) that I need to star walking. When do you walk and where. If the time is right maybe we can get together once or twice and walk.

  2. I bought mine on Amazon. There is also newbalancetampa.com. I knew they were going to be pricier than my usual Payless Shoe Source specials, but I really wanted a Made in the USA pair of shoes and I really wanted to see if they were worth it. If you want to try them on before you buy, I recommend going to the New Balance store at the Fountains. I walk four days a week - usually no Tuesdays and no weekends. I start right after the kids have gone to school and walk around the neighborhood, the park, and on the bike path. Let me know when and where you want to walk.



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