Monday, May 3, 2010

Tools of the Trade

I admit it: I was once a gift snob.  A blender for Christmas?  Are you kidding me?!  An appliance timer for my birthday?  Seriously?!  I'm not proud of my snobbery, but there you are; the past is the past.  It's not that I was completely ungrateful, it's just that I perceived these types of gifts to be less personal, for the "household" and not for me.

A few years ago, when my husband joined an apprenticeship program to become an electrician, he always asked for tools or gift cards to Lowe's or Home Depot for his birthday, Christmas, and Father's Day.  His reasoning (after viewing our budget) was that many of the tools that he needed were expensive at the time and that if other people were willing to buy them as gifts then that would be one, two, or three less things that he had to buy.

It's only been in the last few years that my attitude towards being a SAHM has changed from being a lifestyle choice to being a job.  That's right I have a job.  It's a non-paying job, but a job nonetheless.  (I even take a lunch break too.)  My only defense prior to this attitude shift is that I felt more like a case manager and therapy provider than a mom.  When you have a child who, from the moment of birth, has special needs and requires many early intervention services in conjunction with having an older toddler with Asperger's Syndrome, life can be kind of hectic and frankly a bit of a blur.  Thankfully, things have calmed down a bit.

Since my attitude adjustment I've started thinking about the kinds of tools that I need for my job:
  • an extra set of stainless steel measuring spoons
  • an appliance timer
  • some nice Pyrex serveware
  • a Le Creuset roasting pan (in my dreams)
  • cake decorating supplies
  • an extra crock pot
  • an iPhone (kidding)
Like anything else, the tools of my trade can become worn out from constant use and need to be replaced.  So, from now on, housewares and gift cards to Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table and Macy's...I mean Target, Kmart and Kohl's are welcome gifts.  Actually, they always have been welcome gifts.  But a new attitude and a new outlook has made them all the more appreciated.


  1. Your husband sounds like a very lucky man who was infinitely fortunate to find a woman like you.



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