Monday, January 30, 2012

Nothing New to Report

Since there was no change weight-wise, I didn't update the WLJ. I think from now on I'll only update when there is a change. My weight has reached a plateau and my body is perfectly comfortable where it is. So, for the month of January, I just coasted along and did my best to maintain.

Starting today, I'm going to try the Eat to Live 6 week plan: unlimited veggies, beans, and fresh fruit; limited amounts of nuts, seeds, starchy vegetables or whole grains; no animal products, sugar, between-meal snacks, fruit juice, oils. The purpose of the ETL 6 week plan as I understand it, is to break any addiction to unhealthy, overprocessed, refined foods filled with fat, salt, sugar and you name it. I did have half & half in my coffee this morning, so I'm going to try and eliminate that over the next couple of weeks. I used to drink coffee with half & half and two sugars. I eliminated sugar almost a year ago and I haven't missed it. For me, sugar is easy to get rid of. Salt, however, is another story. I do like salt and I find myself gravitating toward those wonderful Ritz crackers and pretzels.

On this plan I need to remember the Eat to Live motto: The salad is the main dish. When I got the book in September, my goal was to incorporate as many fruits, veggies, and beans as possible into my diet, while eliminating most processed food. I didn't eliminate dairy or animal products, however. This time, I'm going to give the 6 week plan a try. Wish me luck!

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