Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thumbs Up - Tales of a Clueless VW Club Member

Maybe it's because I actually drive one now, but I'm noticing more of the older VWs on the road. I find myself checking out their paint job and trying to see what the interior looks like, you know, just to see what if any cool accessories they have that I don't. By no means am I a car geek. I really don't give a rat's rump about cars. As long as the car that I drive gets me from point A to point B with relatively few problems, I'm good. Just don't ask me to park on a hill.

I've also noticed that these older VWs get alot of attention, which is funny to me because they are such basic cars. They don't have the latest and greatest anything. They have no AC, no power anything, a death-wish rear engine - they're basically one step up from a golf cart. Basic. Simple. I think part of the attraction to these cars is their simplicity - they are easy to work on and they are easy to modify, not by me of course.

They're also different. There's no denying that their cartoonish shape stands out from the crowd. Kids yell, "Slug Bug!" when I drive by. Other drivers give me the thumbs up and smile. (I'm sure some drivers are giving me The Bird, too, since I pretty much drive the speed limit now.) They're also a conversation starter. People routinely ask, "What year is your Bug?" It's a 1969. "What kind of engine is in it?" F--- if I know. I'm not sure; it's got the original engine. It's fascinating. I'm almost expected to know these things. I'm feeling a little bit of pressure to pick up the VW lingo just so I can be conversant. Here's what I've picked up so far:

I have a 1969 VW Beetle with the original stock 1500cc engine. It's got the rear pop-out windows, which were an optional upgrade. And yes, that's the original color - Savannah Beige. 

How did I do?

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