Friday, November 18, 2011

Fairly Fair-Weather Fan

It's safe to say that I'm an apathetic sports fan. I'm not even sure that I can call myself a fair-weather fan because that implies that I'm a fan only when my favorite team is winning - which in turn implies that I actually have a favorite team and that I pay attention to it. Despite this, every so often something reminds me that I do have a team preference. Like last year when the SF Giants were in the World Series. Or when November rolls around and I'm reminded of the Big Game: that century-old football rivalry between Cal and Stanford.

Now, make no mistake, I actually don't give a rip about football. However, since I'm a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley (aka "Cal", "Berkeley", or "UC Berkeley"), I almost feel compelled to shout, "GO BEARS!" at this time of year. It's not like I go crazy and paint my face or decorate our house and front yard with Cal's school colors. Sure, I have the obligatory Cal T-shirt (as do my children), but good grief, I'm not a freakin' cheerleader. It's enough for me to know that tomorrow is the Big Game and to remind myself to check the score every so often...if I remember. Or at least, to check the news on Sunday morning to get the final score. In spite of this apathy, I will say:

GOOOOOOOOOO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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