Thursday, November 17, 2011

BFD - November '11

This month is nearly over and I realized that I hadn't done BFD yet. So, just because I love pumpkin and I've been dying to use my bundt pan, I decided to make a pumpkin coffee cake.

Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Streusel and Caramel Glaze
Apples Au Gratin

So why three links for one coffee cake? Well, I liked the pumpkin coffee cake recipe, but I wanted more streusel than the recipe called for. This coffee cake was moist and not too sweet, which is just how I like my coffee cake. Next, I wanted a glaze, so when I did a search for caramel glaze and found the one that I linked to, I knew it was perfect. Yum! If you don't have a bundt pan, you might try using two round cake pans. I'm just guessing, so don't quote me on that.
Streusel Center

The apples au gratin? You mean like apples and cheese? Well, if you've ever had apple pie with cheddar cheese then you know how good it can be. Seriously. If you've never had this, then you'll have to try it; or just trust me. My only problem was I didn't have Granny Smith apples; however I did have some Cortland apples which are also good for baking. If you don't know already, it's worth your time to learn which apples are good for baking and which apples are good for eating. Here is a good place to start. Because I only had three apples, which yielded a little over a pound, I cut the recipe in half. I still had enough apple slices to fill a pie pan.
Apples Au Gratin

All in all, a good BFD. I will definitely look for other coffee cake recipes using a bundt pan. And finally, here is a picture of my nosey little cat wanting attention after being ignored for all of 3 minutes. I was trying to take a second picture of the coffee cake when she jumped up on the table to investigate. Dude, this little diva has a mind of her own; I couldn't have staged this even if I'd wanted to.


  1. She never jumps on the table!

  2. She's been very naughty all week. She jumped up on a barstool on Sunday to drink the milk out of a cup. Then on Monday, she jumped up on a barstool to finish off a tuna sandwich. Unbelievable! Talk about crying for attention.



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