Tuesday, June 28, 2011


During the month of June, my weight has fluctuated between 168 and 170. Today, the scale said 169. Four whole weeks I've been on this roller coaster. There are two ways I can look at this: 1) I can get mad and frustrated because I've hit a plateau all the while forgetting that I've lost 40lbs; 2) I can be happy over the fact that I am capable of maintaining my weight - even if it's unintentional. I am happy that I've lost 40lbs and I don't ever want to gain it back. I am glad that I can maintain my weight now because it proves that once I reach my goal weight, I'm capable of maintaining it.

That being said, while I'm happy to have lost 40lbs, I'm not satisfied with staying where I am. So, I've decided to walk one extra day per week. I started out walking three days per week. Then I bumped it up to four days per week. I've been walking four days per week for about 4 months; and while I've slowly increased my walking time, I think my body has gotten used to that. I can easily walk 5 miles each day. Today I actually walked 5.6 miles. So, starting yesterday, I'm going to walk at least 5.25 miles for 5 days per week.

Next, I think it's time to seriously look at the nutritional components of the food I eat. One good thing about Calorie Count is that it has a nutritional analyzer for the food that you log. It lets you know if you're eating too much or not enough of something. The picture to the right shows my nutrition report for Monday. Since I retain water like crazy, it's time to get serious about controlling my sodium intake. I'm not too concerned about calcium or vitamins because I take supplements. Still, it couldn't hurt to increase those by eating more fruits and veggies.

I'll post an updated photo in the Weight Loss Journal later today. Currently, there's no one around to take a picture of me and besides I have to shower after my walk. Hey, maybe it's a good time to clean the shower. Hehehe.


  1. your last sentence totally made me giggle!

  2. That's because you know me. :-)



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