Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just This Once

Ordinarily, I don't post photos of my children. It's not that I'm completely paranoid, it's just that I think they are entitled to their privacy until a time of their choosing. I think this is especially important for my youngest son as he's not able to speak for himself. Nevertheless, I've decided just this once to post a photo of my youngest son, albeit an altered photo with his face blocked out.

Today we went to a Beeping Egg Hunt for blind and visually impaired children. We've been going for several years, and this was the first year where he actually knew what to do right away...without complaining. For each beeping egg that a participant finds, a volunteer will exchange it for two plastic, candy-filled eggs. Yum. He's not too thrilled with the eggs containing jelly beans, but he loves the eggs containing Hershey's Kisses.

While I don't believe that Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are symbols of Easter, I have no problem associating them with springtime. I am also overjoyed that someone somewhere took the time to think creatively about how to include blind/visually impaired children in this springtime event.

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