Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Add a little cheer to your holidays and all through the year.

My approach to the holiday food and festivities is this, “The holidays come once a year, so enjoy it.”  Seriously, there is nothing that kills the holiday cheer more than when someone complains about all of the calories in the holiday food.  My desired response to the complaining is, “Oh shut up! It's not like you eat like this all the time, and nobody's asking you to eat the whole damn pie or drink the whole damn carton of egg nog!! Sheesh!”  My usual polite response is, “Well, the holidays come once a year. ” (smile)

Now, I will admit that I can stand to lose a few pounds.  But...there are some things that I bake/make/eat/drink once a year.  For example, candy canes; fudge; Tom & Jerry's; peppermint mochas; turkey with all the trimmings; peppermint bark; pumpkin pie; and of course, egg nog.  I will further admit that these are not low-calorie foods.  They aren't meant to be.  Neither are they meant to be eaten all of the time.  They are special foods that are reserved for that special time of year called the holiday season. I say 'holiday season' because these foods are typically consumed between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

Warning: Sarcasm ahead.

So, if you are one of those people who like to complain about the calories in the holiday food and gaining weight during the holiday season, do yourself and the rest of us a favor: don't. Please complain in silence as you prepare your salad with fat free dressing complemented with ice water and a lemon twist. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a twist of lemon. Or don't complain at all. Instead, be grateful  and enjoy God's provision in the form of family, friends, and special holiday foods. No one is suggesting a gluttonous appetite – all things in moderation. And if you gain a pound or two, what's the big deal?  You have the rest of the year to work it off. By the way, the "cheer" in the byline does not refer to rum or brandy (although it can); it refers to an attitude of gratitude which cultivate a loving, cheerful heart. MeRrY ChRiStMaS!!


  1. What about the salt? My God woman, you'd kill us all! By the way, we're going to have real butter again? YAY!

  2. Slay me with your love... If I am to go into that Great Darkness, I shall do on a bier shaped like a gravy boat sailing into a sea of rich creamy butter. I shall be attended by roasted turkeys armed with savory mashed potatoes and the required vegetable products. I will have prepared my spirit for the journey with fine wine and lively conversation amongst good friends and dear family. And pie! We shall have PIE! I doth command!

  3. OK, you need to lay off the holiday cheer and go hang up the Christmas lights.



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