Friday, July 15, 2011

BFD - July '11

For this month's BFD I really wanted some comfort food in the form of cinnamon rolls and something with scrambled eggs. Yeah, I know, it's the middle of July but it's been surprisingly cool where I am - a mere 80+ degrees this week. That's downright frigid for this time of year. Since I've already done cinnamon rolls I hunted for another cinnamony bread-type recipe. And boy did I find one. For this month's BFD we had:

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread
Breakfast Burritos/Tacos
Strawberries (Like I said, they're in season)

All I can say is holy Toledo this bread is good. If you're hesitant to make your own cinnamon rolls then give this bread a try. In a nutshell, you roll out the dough, spread it with melted butter and cinnamon sugar, then you cut it into six rectangular strips. I used a pizza cutter and it was easy. You then stack the strips of dough and cut out six stacks of squares. Put all of the squares in a loaf pan and bake. My only advice would be to put a cookie sheet under the loaf pan to catch any cinnamon sugar drippings.  Follow the link for the recipe because it does a much better job of explaining the directions - and it comes with pictures that are much better than mine!

My breakfast burritos were actually tacos because I had a multitude of corn tortillas. I did not use the exact recipe from the linked web site, but I did use it as my inspiration. I used scrambled eggs and bulk chorizo and believe me, with the spiciness of the chorizo you don't need to add anything else. And the strawberries? What can I say? They're in season. All in all, a good BFD with just the right amount of sweet and spicy.

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