Monday, March 4, 2013

The Measure of Success

My imaginary address to a graduating class...

Some of you will go on to be wildly successful. Though some of you may be burdened with wealth or fame you will know that one of the secrets to life is knowing that it is a privilege to serve (1) and a joy to bless others.(2) Some of you may not be burdened with wealth or health, yet you have learned the other secret to living a successful life, which is being content no matter what your circumstances, whether you are healthy, wealthy, poor or sick.(3) Being successful means that you don't follow the crowd; most people will simply shake their heads or roll their eyes at you. A few will secretly admire you but they'll still think you're crazy. How can you gain more by giving more? (4)

Some of you, I'm sorry to say, will not be so successful. Unfortunately, you will acquire beautiful cars, and houses, a successful career, and lots of money. You'll be burdened with worry about how to protect all of these things and without realizing it these things consume you and become your life.(5) Your empty shallow life will be the envy of many thereby enabling and encouraging you to continue in the vicious cycle, until you wake up one day realizing that your life is nearly over and you have nothing to show for it. It will all be gone when you are. (6)

The road to failure is wide and easy to take. Everyone's doing it. The road to success is narrower and harder to find. (7) The good news, my friends, is that as long as you are coherent and breathing, it's never too late to turn away from failure toward success.(8)  Just stop, turn around, and go against the crowd. Keep your head held high with your eyes on the prize and don't look back.(9)  You're on your way. The good news is, when you've chosen to walk the path to success, it won't ever be taken from you. (10) The good news is: although you will lose the whole world, you will gain your soul. Now that's success.

(1) Mark 10:45
(2) Acts 20:35
(3) Philippians 4:11-13
(4) Proverbs 11:24
(5) Matthew 16:26
(6) Luke 12:19-21
(7) Matthew 7:13-14
(8) Luke 19:1-10
(9) Philippians 3:13-14
(10) Luke 10:41-42


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