Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daytripping: Lake Tahoe in Winter

Sunday was a beautiful winter day, so we decided to take the boys to the snow after church. Just as we were nearing our favorite sledding spot I said, "Why don't we continue on to Tahoe?" I had never been to Lake Tahoe in the winter. Since none of us ski, it never really seemed like a necessity to brave the icy roads and the hordes of skiers. But Sunday felt different; it was sunny and beautiful with no hint of foul weather. We drove to our usual park/beach, Commons Beach, and immediately we knew we made the right decision.

A blanket of snow covered the beach, and when set against the blue lake and the blue sky it made for a stunning picture. Much of the cobblestone sidewalk had been cleared of snow, and there were several park benches that were also clear. The playground area was surrounded with snow, but that didn't stop a few toddlers from playing. My husband made a snowman on the beach, while my oldest son traipsed across the snowy beach looking for who knows what while dragging his yellow sled behind him. My youngest son has always been apprehensive about the put it mildly. The park bench provided a safe haven for him. Meanwhile, all he had to do was reach across the sidewalk to touch the snow if he so desired.

On our way back home, we stopped at the Village at Squaw Valley just to walk around and grab an afternoon snack. It goes without saying that there were alot of skiers. Naturally, many of the restaurants seemed to cater to the young and hip skiers (read: pizza/beer/wine restaurants). We weren't looking for a full meal, just a quick pick-me-up snack. There was a Starbuck's, but we wanted to see if there was something more, how should I put this...original. I'm not against Starbuck's, but I'm making it a point to try out local and/or mom and pop shops. We found it in the form of Batch Cupcakery. Fabulous cupcakes, is all I have to say.

All in all, a fabulous day. We missed the Niners game, but then we don't have tv anyway. I'm told that they're headed for the Superbowl. Cool. But even cooler, I got to spend a winter day with my family in one of California's most beautiful spots.

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