Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another H.I.P.

So, another home improvement project has come up. The wood laminate flooring went on sale at Costco again and it was the perfect opportunity to rip out the nasty carpet in the master bedroom and replace it with wood laminate. Can you tell I despise carpeting? But honestly, we couldn't not do it. For Christmas, we were given a Costco Cash Card as a gift, which paid for about 2/3 of the project. We were just waiting for the wood laminate to go on sale.

Come Sunday night, we should have brand new floors thanks to my handy husband! Woo hoo! The only other exciting thing to happen in February is our Costco Cash Rebate is coming. Double woo hoo!! When that arrives, I'll be able to buy a year's supply of: toilet paper, Finish Powerball tabs, Ecos laundry detergent and maybe I'll have enough leftover for a hot dog at the food court. Yeah, baby, it's like Christmas in February. Livin' large!

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