Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Losing Weight Naturally and Other Benefits of Unemployment

One of the benefits of living on unemployment is that I eat less. Well, let me clarify that; in the past, I have eaten less. It just so happens that this current cycle of unemployment coincides with the beginning of Fall, which means two birthdays, a trip to the pumpkin farm with lots of yummy goodies, and Halloween. Once the candy is gone, I should be squared away.  During past unemployment cycles, I was a very conscientious eater.  Rather than help myself to a second helping, I would stop and think, "That second helping can be my lunch tomorrow."  This was a very good strategy for losing weight - one that I should remember no matter what.  If I can eliminate those second helpings, I can reduce my calorie intake, right? Right. It's a start.

It's also a very good strategy for tightening the budget belt.  This way, leftovers don't get wasted and another meal doesn't have to be prepared for lunch.  Obviously, anybody who is frugal would roll their eyes and say, "Duh".  Yes, it is an obvious strategy.  However, I find it very helpful to examine my behavior whether I'm trying to cut calories or stretch a dollar.  Sometimes, the simplest solutions get overlooked.  Also, it's not just a matter of employing a strategy to save money; it's about changing my attitude and behavior in all other areas of my life.  For me, it's about asking the question, "Do I really need this right now?" More often than not the answer is "No."

What are the other benefits of unemployment, you ask?  Well, let's see...um...I'm spending alot more time in the kitchen making meals from scratch.  That is a definite plus.  There's also lots of family togetherness. And, uh...that's all I got.

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