Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Girl's Best Friend is...a KitchenAid?

You can keep your diamonds...although if you don't want them, I'll take them.  My KitchenAid mixer and I have been friends going on 20 years now.  We got it as a wedding gift, and although hubby has used it occasionally, it's pretty clear that he and the KitchenAid are merely acquaintances - fair weather friends, if you will.  The KitchenAid and I are BFFs, and it proudly sits on my kitchen counter.  And yes, I used it to make last week's BFD coffee cake and last night's pumpkin pie.

With few exceptions, there hasn't been a week pass by when I haven't used this glorious stand mixer.  It no longer looks sparkly and shiny like when it was new, but it's still a workhorse.  Not only do I have the mixer, but I also have the Slicer/Shredder Attachment and the Pasta/Food Grinder Attachment.  I have mixed cake batter, and bread dough; sliced and shredded countless veggies and cheeses; ground up leftover meat to make my own sandwich spreads; and even made my own pasta.  I love this machine!  It's the only thing that has prevented me from buying a food processor.  Here's to 20 more years of cooking with my KitchenAid!


  1. I love my kitchen aid as well. I mix oodles of stuff in it. I love making pizza dough with it. I don't have the attachments though and would love the shredder. Where did you get it? I have the bottom of the line in kitchen aids, do they even have a shredder attachment for the low end ones? Happy mixing!

  2. I'm making pizza tonight...with the KitchenAid of course! The attachments can be used with any model. I got my attachments on eBay like 10 years ago. They are not cheap but they last a long time. You could try the usual department stores, Macy's, Williams Sonoma...unless of course the mall caught on fire. Sur la Table might have them. Or you could try Amazon.

  3. So what your saying is that your Husband prefers to use a bowl and a mixing spoon (two implements) to execute basic food preparation functions rather that dirtying a mixing bowl, a mixing implement, a scraping device (spatula), and then wiping down the mixer in the event of a catastrophic event. I'd say he thought it through; though, that does not absolve him from not contributing to the meal prep operation more often...

  4. He doesn't wipe down the bowl or the mixing spoon in a non-catastrophic event. Besides, if he thought it through, he'd realize that we have a dishwasher so it doesn't matter how many implements are used. :-)



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