Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Whole Ham

I just scored a whole ham at the grocery store for $0.99/lb! Yay! Now what? I just realized that I've never cooked a whole ham before but I couldn't let an 18lb ham pass me by. I guess I could have but I didn't want to, and I don't think my husband would have wanted me to either. While I was at the grocery store I was envisioning all of the meals that I could make with this ham: quiche, ham & potatoes, baked beans & ham, ham & split pea soup, green eggs & ham (I'm kidding on the last one.) The directions say to cook the ham at 25 minutes per pound, which means this ham is going to take 7-8 hours. I better get started.
Do I have a large enough baking dish? Check.
Aluminum foil? Check.
Clean oven? Um, I'll clean it after the ham cooks.
Ingredients for ham glaze? I'll make it up as I go along.
So off I go to cook the ham.


  1. do ya have any left??

  2. Tons and tons left. I'm already thinking about ham & split pea soup.



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